About Us

Welcome to Patil Krushi Udyog Samuha! We’re your premier source for top-quality organic fertilizers. Our mission is to revolutionize agriculture through sustainable practices and offer meticulously crafted organic alternatives. Experience our affordable, high-quality fertilizers, tailored customer service, and join us in building a greener future.

Revolutionizing Agriculture.

Premier source of high-quality organic fertilizers, revolutionizing agriculture with sustainable practices. Enhancing crop productivity, nourishing soil, and prioritizing environmental health since January 26, 2014.

Quality Commitment.

Rigorously Tested Organic Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture. Locally sourced, chemical-free, and affordable. Empowering farmers with high-yield, eco-friendly solutions.

Expert support for sustainable farming.

Maximize yields with tailored recommendations. Innovating organic agriculture through research and collaboration. Join us in revolutionizing agriculture and building a greener future. Explore our high-quality fertilizers.


Empowering rural farmers through technology-driven organic fertilizers. Enhancing productivity, promoting sustainability. Affordable, high-quality fertilizers for lasting economic prosperity in rural communities.


Revolutionize agriculture with sustainable practices and organic alternatives, offering top-notch fertilizers for enhanced crop productivity and soil health. Accessible, greener agriculture is our goal.

Core Values

1. Farmers-centric approach.
2.Commitment to sustainability.
3.Quality and excellence.
4.Innovation and research.
5.Integrity and transparency.
6.Environmental stewardship.

Our Team

Mr. Amol Shivaji Patil.
B.sc(Botony), M.B.A.
Mrs. Prachi Amol Patil.
M.Sc (chemistry)
Mr. Pravin Shivaji Patil.
B.Pharma, MBA
Operational Head

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

4500 +
Increase in yields for farmers
113579 +
Number of Acres rejuventated
1 %
Increase in income for farmers

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