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Welcome to Patil Krushi Udyog Samuha, where we offer top-notch organic fertilizers. Since our founding on January 26, 2014, we've committed to transforming agriculture with sustainable farming and organic solutions.

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It helps to increase the length and width of the sugarcane leaves.
Sugarcane seedlings increase in number (length and thickness).
It helps to stop the process of internal tura formation.
Form – Liquid
Increases in number of breakouts.
Improves soil texture.
Improves crop immunity.

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Green Power Z Plus

It helps to increase the length and width of the sugarcane leaves.
Sugarcane seedlings increase in number (length and thickness).
It helps to stop the process of internal tura formation.
No additives are required.
The number of white roots increases.
Increases in number of breakouts.

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Cane Booster Z Plus

Experience ISO-certified Organic Pest Control for comprehensive, residue-free protection. Targeting various pests, it deters feeding, disrupts life cycles, and delivers visible results in just days. Ultimate plant defense.

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100% organic plant fertiliser with ISO certification.
Increases plant development and offers protection against diseases and pests.
Increases fruit production and flowering.
Essential micro, macro, and trace nutrients are provided.
Keeps the soil nourished for over a month by gradually releasing nutrients.
Growth Booster for All Plants like Sugarcane, Cotton, Ginger, Turmeric, Soyabean, Vegetable Plants & Flowering Plants.

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Kisanshakti Capsule

Certified Organic Nourishment: ISO-certified 100% organic plant fertilizer.
Smart Soluble Technology: Rapid nutrient absorption via innovative soluble tech.
Eco-Friendly Formula: Free from harmful chemicals, GMOs, promotes sustainability.
Enhanced Crop Vitality: Boosts growth, health, and disease resistance.
Versatile Application: Ideal for various plants including sugarcane, cotton, vegetables, and more.

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Vaidic Sachet

Discover the power of Certified Organic Fertilizer. Boost plant resilience, enrich soil with essential nutrients, and promote growth in seedlings, flowers, and fruit trees. Comprehensive, natural soil enhancement for lasting vitality.

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Urja Master Kit

I S O Certified

100% Organic

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About Us

Patil Krushi Udyog Samuha

Welcome to Patil Krushi Udyog Samuha, your premier destination for high-quality organic fertilizers! Since our establishment on January 26, 2014, we have been dedicated to revolutionizing agriculture through sustainable farming practices and the promotion of organic alternatives.

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Empowering rural farmers through technology-driven organic fertilizers. Enhancing productivity, promoting sustainability. Affordable, high-quality fertilizers for lasting economic prosperity in rural communities.


Revolutionize agriculture with sustainable practices and organic alternatives, offering top-notch fertilizers for enhanced crop productivity and soil health. Accessible, greener agriculture is our goal.

Core Values

1. Farmers-centric approach.
2.Commitment to sustainability.
3.Quality and excellence.
4.Innovation and research.
5.Integrity and transparency.
6.Environmental stewardship.

Our Team

Mr. Amol Shivaji Patil., M.B.A.
Mrs. Prachi Amol Patil.
M.Sc (chemistry)
Mr. Pravin Shivaji Patil.
B.Pharma, MBA
Operational Head

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Plot No. B-56,
Shivaji Nagar MIDC,
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Maharashtra 415304

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