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Vaidic Sachet represents a revolutionary advancement in agricultural innovation, utilizing cutting-edge smart soluble technology to transform crop nourishment. This technology ensures rapid nutrient dissolution in water, optimizing absorption by plants and delivering precise nourishment directly to the roots, resulting in accelerated growth, improved crop health, and higher yields.

The Kisanshakti Capsule is a premium organic solution designed to provide the best nourishment for your plants. It’s formulated to promote robust plant growth and enhance resistance to pests and diseases. With its user-friendly application, the Kisanshakti Capsule is the reliable partner your plants need for optimal health.

Canebooster Z Plus is a high-potency probiotic fertilizer designed for sugarcane crops and essential for plant nutrient enrichment. It contains active ingredients that optimize floral output and enhance vegetable and fruit production.

The Urja Master Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to foster robust plant growth. It contains a diverse range of essential organic fertilizers that cater to the well-being of your plants. With its user-friendly approach and budget-friendly pricing, the Urja Master Kit is an ideal choice for farmers of all kinds.

Terminate Insecticide is a versatile solution used as a foliar spray to control a variety of pests on different crops. It targets pests such as termites, sugarcane bollworms, mango hoppers, aphids, whiteflies, jasids, and thrips on cotton, BPH, WBPH, and GLH on rice, aphids and thrips on chilli, aphids, jasids and thrips. , jasids, thrips and whiteflies on sunflower, citrus with leaf miners and cilia, peanuts with aphids and jasids, grapes with flea beetles and tomatoes with whitefly. Effective insecticide for plants etc

Green Power Z Plus is a liquid micronutrient organic fertilizer designed to enhance plant growth and soil fertility. It offers a range of benefits to promote healthy root development, shoot growth, and overall plant immunity.

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