Green Power Z Plus
Green Power Z Plus


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  • It helps to increase the length and width of the sugarcane leaves.
  • Sugarcane seedlings increase in number (length and thickness).
  • It helps to stop the process of internal tura formation.
  • Form – Liquid
  • Increases in number of breakouts.
  • Improves soil texture.
  • Improves crop immunity.

Green Power Z Plus Liquid Micronutrient Organic Fertilizer

Increases white roots and root mass. Promotes shoot growth and soil fertility by improving the soil’s ability to retain water strengthening plant immunity.

Increases root penetration and enhances soil structure while improving soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) and aeration conditions.

Stimulates soil microorganism activity increases soil organic matter and increases potassium availability increases crop yield and produce quality.

Reduces soil pollution, encourages plant photosynthesis, and raises the quality of crop yields

Natural, probiotics found in Green Power Z Plus assist increase flower production while also enhancing their look, flavour, and aroma. The product is 100% organic and ISO-certified.

The team of helpful microorganisms in the nutrient Green Power Z Plus work on soil, rockwool, coco, and any other growth strategy. By establishing a symbiotic interaction between the product’s bacteria and the roots of your plants, it improves nutrient absorption. Increases plant development and offers defence against diseases and pests.

With the soil-improving components of Green Power Z Plus, you may grow fruit and vegetables that are bigger and healthier. Give your plant the precise ratio of nutrients it needs for healthy growth from seed to harvest to improve water infiltration and retention in the root zone. Increases fruit and vegetable production.


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