Vaidic Sachet
Vaidic Sachet


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  • The Ultimate Organic and Water-Soluble Crop Nourishment Solution
  • 100% organic plant fertiliser with ISO certification.
  • Powered by a new smart soluble technology for rapid nutrient absorption
  • 100% organic and environmentally friendly, free from harmful chemicals and GMOs
  • Promotes sustainable agriculture, fostering biodiversity and soil health
  • Boosts crop growth, improves health, and enhances disease resistance
  • Cost-effective, making sustainable agriculture accessible to farmers of all scales
  • Reduces nutrient runoff, minimizing environmental impact and wastage
  • All-in-one nourishment content with essential macro and micronutrients
  • Embraces precision agriculture, delivering nourishment directly to the roots
    • Growth Booster for All Plants like Sugarcane, Cotton, Ginger, Turmeric, Soyabean, Vegetable Plants & Flowering Plants.

Introducing Vaidic Sachet

The Ultimate Organic and Water-Soluble Crop Nourishment Solution, powered by a new smart soluble technology!

Vaidic Sachet represents a breakthrough in agricultural innovation, leveraging cutting-edge smart soluble technology to revolutionize crop nourishment. This advanced feature ensures the rapid dissolution of nutrients in water, optimizing their absorption by plants and delivering precise nourishment directly to the roots. As a result, farmers witness accelerated growth, improved crop health, and ultimately, higher yields. The new smart soluble technology sets Vaidic Sachet at the forefront of precision agriculture, providing a more efficient and sustainable way to feed crops.

With a staunch commitment to organic principles, Vaidic Sachet is formulated using 100% natural ingredients carefully selected to create an all-in-one nourishment solution. By avoiding harmful chemicals and genetically modified elements, Vaidic Sachet ensures that crops grow in a healthier and safer environment, promoting soil health and preserving biodiversity. Farmers can cultivate with confidence, knowing they are contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices.

The versatility of Vaidic Sachet extends across all crop types, from cereals to cash crops, making it an ideal choice for farmers with diverse agricultural portfolios. Its adaptability, combined with the new smart soluble technology, ensures that crops receive precisely what they need, resulting in optimal growth, enhanced disease resistance, and overall crop resilience.

Beyond its remarkable performance, Vaidic Sachet remains dedicated to being cost-effective, empowering farmers of all scales to adopt sustainable agricultural practices without compromising on quality. This affordability opens up new possibilities for smallholder farmers and larger cultivators alike, promoting inclusivity in the journey towards a greener and more prosperous agricultural landscape.

Vaidic Sachet, with its new smart soluble technology, revolutionizes crop nourishment, unlocking the full potential of sustainable and high-yield agriculture. Its organic and water-soluble attributes, combined with its adaptability and cost-effectiveness, make it a game-changer for farmers seeking environmentally conscious and economically viable solutions. Embrace the future of agriculture with Vaidic Sachet and cultivate prosperity, nourishment, and sustainability on your fields. Step into a new era of smart farming with Vaidic Sachet and watch your crops flourish like never before.

Application & Dose: 1 sachet for 1 spray, 10 sachet for 200L water

Sachet Quantity

10, 20, 30


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